PMT Courses

You will find your course list HERE.

Skill Tutorials

1. Jet Insufflation (Thank you Redmond Fire Department)

2. Patient Assessment I

3. Patient Assessment II

4. Difficult Airway Management

5. I.V. Placement  

6. Tourniquets in Trauma

7. Surgical Airway 


Paramedic Student Program Resources such as Forms, Objectives, and Seattle Medic One Guidelines, etc are HERE.

Educational Resources such as ECG slides are HERE.

Personal Resources such as support and stress management information are HERE.


Student Tracker

Airway Tracker  (only enter information here if it was an attempted intubation (not isolated O.R. LMA). Any patient (human, not simulator) you attempt to intubate, requires an online airway form to be filled out REGARDLESS of success or not. An attempt is defined as placement of the tip of the larygoscope blade past the teeth. This is how we track student intubations for our training records.  Please use this form for any intubation regardless of location  (e.g. OR / ER / Prehospital, etc.).

LMA Tracker  Please fill out the LMA tracker on any attempted LMA in the OR even if you were unable to place it successfully. A successful placement is defined as an LMA that provides adequate oxygenation and ventilation and requires no repositioning of the LMA by OR staff.

Operating Room Trip Review Survey At the conclusion of your rotation in the O.R. please fill out this survey.  It is important to name people who made a special contribution to your education and to list any obstacles to your educational experience in the OR.  This is how we continue to improve the training program and your feedback is vital to improving the program.  Thank you!