Busy!  This is an immersive experience, so prepare to jump in to a full and complex schedule as a student.  Our educational model incorporates both didactic classroom experience and field internship in parallel rather than in serially.  This means weeks can be as long as 60 hours in the week, typically less.  Students will be assigned to one of four groups for Medic Unit/field rotations; two day shifts (0730-1730) and two night shifts (1730-0730) per eight day rotation.  For example, a student might work A shift days and C shift nights.  Early on, when classroom sessions are plentiful, you may be released from the rig early to get a good night's sleep at home before a full day of classroom learning, but eventually, you'll transition to riding on the rigs all night-- and filling the down hours with caring for patients in the Harborview ED.  Being able to think clearly and practice medicine efficiently at all hours of the day and night is one of the trademarks of an exceptional Paramedic.