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Field Trainers/Evaluators

Thank you for tackling one of the most difficult tasks in paramedicine: teaching in the field. Observing and providing feedback while a student performs a patient-care task, even though you could do it faster & better, is essential to student learning.  For Class 45, we will be coaching a feedback method that can help field Paramedics & Instructors organize their approach.

ADAPT Feedback

What is "Prepare to ADAPT"?

The Prepare to ADAPT (Ask-Discuss-Ask-Plan Together) feedback framework is an approach to asking for, receiving, and providing feedback in the clinical learning environment. 

Why "Prepare to ADAPT"?  

The "Prepare to ADAPT" feedback framework is a theory-informed conversational approach to feedback based on the "Ask-Tell-Ask" discourse pattern that providers often follow with patients.

The "Prepare to ADAPT" feedback framework adds:

  1. "Prepare" step, emphasizing learner reflection on goals

  2. "Plan Together" step for the creation of an intentional follow-up plan for improvement

​Based on our pilot study at the University of Washington, we found the model to be efficient and flexible, particularly for formative feedback. We also found that clarity around the process of feedback for both learners and coaches was perceived to reduce "feedback stress" in the clinical learning environment. The model can be utilized in various clinical scenarios and can take as little as five minutes, or can expand based on the situation and needs. Learners who normally struggle with how to ask for feedback—and coaches who struggle to provide meaningful feedback—find it particularly useful.​


Podcasts on Teaching at the Patient's Side


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